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Power Subsystem for Transportable Military test stand Provides eight channels of programmable DC power with output isolation function Output disconnect function Total control via Ethernet within power supply.
OEM 6 channel DC source Single Package 6-Pack of 600W power supplies
Provides 15,000A DC at 5V DC in current mode Single complete package Integrated bus bars Current mode Analog programming
Total power subsystem integration Total power subsystem integration Power sequencing
Bus simulator includes BPMU and SPU Provides enhanced measurement and data-logging of up to 40 channels.
Total power subsystem integration Ethernet communication Full sub-system wiring Single P.O.
Specially modified design allows: Air to water heat exchanger added to system True current source Fast transient response
Available in single and dual pack versions Sensor simulation available to provide thermistor, strain gauges, heater loads, and cell bypass/short. Battery behavior easily modified via spreadsheet download to simulate any battery topology including Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium Ion, and Nickel Cadmium
Low output capacitance High bandwidth up to 30kHz High resolution I-V curve simulates static and dynamic conditions
Spin mode is a dynamic mode intended to provide a simulation of a spinning satellite. Enhanced Eclipse mode is a dynamic mode that allows the user to easily program and initiate an eclipse event with total control over all of the V-I curve parameters and dwell times.
Energy absorber with a rating of 400VDC at ±150A Provides up to 400V at 150A for 60kW of output power. Energy Absorber Load chassis creates a total resistance of approximately 1.5 Ohms at 30kW continuous and 60kW peak