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The “U” Series customizable, Class A design is ideal for laboratory and EMC testing, as well as testing antennas, components, piezoelectric devices, wireless chargers, and more. The “U” Series offers performance and durability with the power and frequency for universal applications. In addition to the models listed below, custom versions are also available.
AR’s microwave amplifiers are just as tough and dependable as our RF amplifiers, and they are backed by the same comprehensive warranty. Our microwave amplifiers offer the hard-to-find combinations of power and bandwidth in frequency increments and power output you need for today’s test applications.
Our “A” and “W” Series amplifiers have the power to deliver all the field strength you need. With unsurpassed mismatch capabilities and excellent flatness, they provide all the power promised over the entire operating band. 
Octave Frequencies: 1-2 GHz and 2-4 GHz  Narrowband Frequencies: 1.2-1.4 GHz & 2.7-3.1 GHz  Power Levels: 1 kW to 150 kW  Harmonic Distortion of -18dBc @ 1dB compression point  Pulse Widths to 100 μsec. & Duty Cycles to 10%  High Mean Time To Failure (MTTF)  Mismatch Tolerance – Will operate without damage or oscillation with any magnitude and phase of source and load impedance.  Numerous Applications Possible – Automotive, MIL STD 464, DO-160 and Military
When test needs call for higher power and higher frequency, consider our “T” Series microwave amplifier line– 1 to 50 GHz, 40 to 20,000 W CW and Pulse. These amplifiers provide coverage for a wider range of high-power microwave test applications than any other brand of microwave amplifier on the market and are incredibly feature-rich.  They also offer an advanced design and highest quality construction of any TWT amplifier on the market.