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In this video, we show how to use LabNotebook with the Teledyne LeCroy MAUI Studio oscilloscope software. With LabNotebook, you can save your signals, setups and screenshots to share with a colleague or add to a report. For additional information visit,
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Oscilloscopes, Probes, Pulse Measurement
The oscilloscope has been a primary tool for electronic design engineers since the invention of that instrument, many years ago. The first decades of oscilloscopes were “analog” in nature.
Cable flexibility is important for stable measurement and wiring efficiency between the measuring equipment and device under test. Junkosha provides flexible and low resilience coaxial cables which improve workability with complex wiring and reduces the risk of damage to the instruments and DUT.
Vision Solutions
Delivering consistently accurate results is integral for the flexographic industry. When a customer in this industry sought to update their analog inspection system, they sought the expertise of ClearView Imaging and Matrox® Imaging to provide an automated vision-system-driven mounting machine. Comprising a Matrox Imaging vision controller and software, this customized system is able to locate precise targets on flexographic plates, using advanced illumination techniques and software tools to address noise, locate shapes, and matching patterns.
In this video, we show how you can use scripts to exchange data in real time between Teledyne LeCroy MAUI Studio oscilloscope software and third-party applications like MATLAB, Excel and LabVIEW. For additional information visit,