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8 frequency counter channels, 16 isolated digital I/O channels, 2 isolated DAC channels in a single card Single frequency measurement range that works from 0.05 Hz to 1 MHz Very stable TCXO base clock, 50 MHz ±1 ppm
Up to 96 differential channels per full rack mainframe Constantly monitor input signals for fault conditions Flexible configurations for detecting edges, out-of-bounds conditions and measuring pulse widths
Eight ports of 8 I/O bits each High current capability for control of external relays, 300 mA sink Simulate and receive digital data at up to 2 MHz sample rates Selectable output voltages range from 3.3 V to 60 V
16 integrated analog backplane lines 4-slot carrier plugs into a standard EX1208A series mainframe Configure with either Resource or I/O matrix modules in any combination 1 or 2 pole switching options, up to 300 V/2 A