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High Power Density: Up to 15 kW in 3U, 30kW in a 6U chassis Wide Voltage Range: 0-10V up to 0-1000V, from 4 to 30 kW Fast Load Transient Response: Protection from undesired voltage excursions Low Ripple and Noise
Single system power up to 650 kW  Parallel system power up to 1.3 MW  Bidirectional output voltage up to 1,000 V  Bidirectional output current up to ±1,000 A, up to ±2,000A in parallel  Available in 1, 2 or 4 channel configurations  Multiple channel units share internal DC Bus up to 2MW without drawing additional power from the AC Grid  Regenerative to 96%  Large 15-inch color touch panel  Short circuit proof  Designed for safety to EN ISO 13849-1  Dedicated Battery Testing/Simulation Modes  Seamless transition between source and sink  High reliability, long life components
High power density in a 1U chassis (up to 5 kW) or a 2U chassis (up to 10 kW) Intuitive touch panel control Available in either Fixed or Autoranging output Multi-language display for global operation
Precise programming of voltage and current slew rate for sensitive loads. Modules within one chassis can be connected to different loads and controlled independently. Industrial field bus interface (Modbus-TCP, Modbus-RTU, Ethernet/IP (Industrial Protocol)) enable real-time digital control.
Three independent, isolated 1,700W channels, 5,100W total 1U rack-mount chassis Eight output options Multi-language, intuitive, color touch panel control
High Power AC and DC Power Source Programmable AC and DC power for frequency conversion and product test applications Expandable Power Levels
Very high precision, very low noise, excellent dynamics Advanced user interface with direct numericentry and incremental rotary control Fifty store/recall setup locations Fully isolated outputs for maximum flexibility
High power density / low ripple and noise High programming resolution with Ethernet interface Constant voltage and current mode Remote sensing
Energy absorber with a rating of 400VDC at ±150A Provides up to 400V at 150A for 60kW of output power. Energy Absorber Load chassis creates a total resistance of approximately 1.5 Ohms at 30kW continuous and 60kW peak
Low Noise Excellent line/load regulation Remote sense Coarse and fine voltage controls
Low noise Excellent line/load regulation Coarse and fine voltage controls Constant voltage or constant current operation with automatic crossover and mode indication
PowerFlex design gives variable voltage and current combinations within a maximum power envelope Up to 60V and up to 20A per output (420W maximum) Constant voltage or constant current operation Low output noise and good transient response