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True wire-speed impairment @ 100Gbps (plus 50 / 40 /25 & 10Gbps) Ease of use – Chimera is a stand-alone impairment tool that integrates seamlessly with Xena’s Valkyrie traffic generator, letting you speed up your work flow by using the same SW to both generate and impair Ethernet traffic.
Automated firewall performance characterization Automated traffic profile generation from traffic monitoring logs Application emulation for NGFW performance, SSL decryption, and NAT Unencrypted and encrypted malware test
Easy-to-use UI (“2-clicks” to get a stream running) Wide range of optical & copper test modules for testing all speeds up to 800GE Thor-400G-7S-1P & Thor-100G5S-1P are the only test modules on the market that can test AN/ LT as well as PAM4-based speeds (50, 100, 200 and 400GE) and NRZ based speeds (10, 25, 40, 50 and 100GE)
World’s fastest production line tester Ultra-simple web-browser UI - 3 clicks to complete test cycle Seamless parallel test case execution Displays test status, progress, and real time logs
Responsive and easy to use management software Highly scalable UDP/TCP layer 4 traffic generation High performance TLS testing suite
Xena OpenAutomation (XOA) is an open-source test automation framework for use with Xena’s Valkyrie & Vulcan Traffic Generation & Analysis (TGA) solutions and Chimera, our network impairment emulator. Fast, easy to use and extremely flexible, XOA features a Python API that runs on any OS.