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1 String of 6 Batteries, 2U20.5 Aluminum Cir Mil
External Battery Pack with one string of 8 Batteries
External battery pack (EBP) with 10 10.5Ah lead acid batteries fixed within a 2U aluminum chassis
External battery module with minimum battery run time of 30 minutes @ 960W
Extended Battery Pack with Extreme High Temperature Batteries
External Battery Module with 54 Cyclon E-cell Batteries
External Battery Modules with Two Front Panel Hot Swap Battery Drawers
120V & 78V, 2 Strings, 1 String of 60 and 1 String of 39 (Cyclon E), 3U25.99, Aluminum, Cir Mil.
2 strings of 8 ea 12VHX50 lead acid batteries and two hot swap drawers