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Complete Test Solutions Complete test solutions for emissions and immunity compliance testing of AC and DC powered products Single & Three Phase Operation Offers flexibility
Direct PC bus access data acquisition system provides the required sampling rate and resolution to meet IEC 61000-4-7 measurement requirements and supports high speed data transfers, unlike competing IEC test systems which provide only limited throughput using IEEE-488. PC based Harmonic and Flicker test software provides real-time full color data display updates and continuous PASS/FAIL monitoring.
Combine up to 12 fail-safe building blocks, dual SPDT, SP4T, SP6T, or transfer switch in a compact 1U footprint Front “pluggable” relays facilitate field maintenance
Combine up to 16 SPDT or 8 multiport, high-performance relays in a 2U footprint Latching/Terminated options (EX7204L) LXI/LAN and USB command and control options
Combine up to 6 SPDT and 6 multiport high-performance building blocks in a 2U footprint Extended life and self-terminating options provide maximum design flexibility
The SM7000 Series microwave switching modules are members of the VXI Technology SMIPII™ family. They offer a modular design allowing custom switching configurations to be easily assembled and modified in the field. The SM7000 is a single-wide, C-size VXI module, which can support up to six different microwave switches including: a dual SPDT; SP3T through SP6T; transfer switches and passthrough adapters that allow the module to control up to eight externally mounted relays each.
The SMP1xxx product family is made up of the SMP1100 and the SMP1200 (pictured)
The SMP3xxx product family is made up of the SMP3001, SMP3001DS, SMP3002, SMP3005, SMP3620 (pictured), and SMP3625
The SMP4xxx product family is made up of the SMP4001, SMP4001-S, SMP4002, SMP4003, SMP4004, SMP4005, SMP4006, SMP4007, SMP4028, and SMP4044
The SMP5xxx product family is made up of the SMP5001 through SMP5005 general purpose relays
The SMP6xxx product family is made up of the SMP6001, SMP6002, SMP6004, SMP6005, SMP6006, SMP6101, SMP6102, SMP6103, SMP6122, SMP6144, SMP6202, SMP6301 (pictured), and SMP6301T
96 digital lines configurable as either input or output Five available power supply rails for custom designs Mix and match with standard SMIP switching and digital I/O modules to create high density configurations