Advanced Illumination - RL4260 Medium Aimed Bright Field

Ring Light LED Illuminator; 3.94" O.D., Red, 100mm Working Distance

Mfg: Advanced Illumination

Model: RL4260-660100

Condition: Open Box

Description: Ring Light LED Illuminator; 3.94" O.D., Red, 100mm Working Distance

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  • The RL4260 is characterized as a Medium Aimed Bright Field ring light.
  • Precisely aimed LEDs provide a level of lighting control not found in traditional illuminators.
  • A range of standoffs and fields of view may be specified at the time of order.
  • The ring light is available in a wide range of wavelengths from UV to IR, including a 3 channel RGB version.
  • Diffuser and polarizer options are also available.
  • The large inner diameter of the ring light can accommodate lenses up to 55mm in diameter.
  • The light can also be ordered with an optional mounting ring.

General Specs

Electrical Specifications
24V Current
All Other Controls
625, 660, 880
0.15A Max
395, 470, 520, WHI, RGB
0.10A Max
Normal Operating Temperature
0 - 60°C
192.8g (6.8oz)
Standard Cable Information
2 m long -0/+150 mm (80" -0/+6") - 105°C rated PVC jacket, foil shield with drain.
Photobiological Risk Factor
Exempt Applicable Wavelengths: 880
Group 1 (Low-Risk) Applicable Wavelengths: 470, 520, 625, 660, WHI, RGB
Group 2 (Moderate-Risk) Applicable Wavelengths: 395
CE, RoHS, IEC 62471
IP Rating
Lumen Maintenance
L70 = 50,000 Hours

Mechanical Specs

Optical Specs

Electrical Specs

Control Specs

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More Product Information

Advanced Illumination

Advanced Illumination® (Ai) is a leading developer and manufacturer of LED lighting and control technology for machine vision illumination. Founded in 1993, Advanced Illumination was the first company to bring LED lighting to market and has since become one of the most trusted names in the machine vision industry. Ai offers a number of highly customizable backlights, bar lights, coaxial lights, diffuse lights, line lights, bright field ring lights, dark field ring lights and spot lights. Whether you’re an OEM or an end user, Advanced Illumination has a knowledgeable team of engineers and manufacturing professionals ready to provide you with a solution tailored to your lighting needs.

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Advanced Illumination, Inc. 

440 State Garage Road, Rochester, VT 05767, USA 

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Advanced Illumination - RL4260 Medium Aimed Bright Field