Zebra - AltiZ High-fidelity 3D profile sensors

  • Leverage dual-camera single-laser design to deliver exceptionally high 3D reproduction fidelity 
  • Scan scenes quickly with profiling rates of up to 11,000 per second 
  • Gain from unique embedded algorithms to generate consistent profiles, depth maps, or point clouds 
  • Benefit from truly standard GigE Vision® interface to work directly with Zebra Imaging and third-party vision software 
  • Simplify cabling with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support 
  • Deploy confidently in tough industrial settings thanks to a solid IP67-rated2 aluminum housing and M12 connectors 
  • Benefit from several fastening points to facilitate fixing one or more sensors to gantries and robots 
  • Streamline sensor setup and verification via the Aurora Capture Works utility for Windows® and Linux®

Benefits of the AltiZ 

  • High-Fidelity 3D Scanning - AltiZ 3D profile sensors feature a dual-camera single-laser design to reduce scanning gaps and voids. Generate reliable 3D data in the form of profiles, depth maps, or point clouds to suit any application requirement. 
  • Intuitive Operation and Setup - Two cameras operate in tandem or alternation: One affords maximum reproduction quality, the other 2x the scanning rate. An interactive set-up utility—included in supported software—lets users configure and test acquisition from an AltiZ. 
  • Flexible I/Os and Mounting Options - Benefit from a standard GigE Vision interface for use with Zebra and third-party vision software. Incremental encoders synchronize multiple 3D sensors for scanning larger objects or surfaces. IP67-rated AltiZ can be affixed to gantries or robots.

Additional Software Features 

  • Aurora Imaging Library, formerly Matrox Imaging Library, machine-vision software development kit (SDK) has a deep collection of tools for image capture, processing, analysis, annotation, display, and archiving. Code-level customization starts here. 
  • Aurora Design Assistant, formerly Matrox Design Assistant, integrated development environment (IDE) is a flowchart-based platform for building applications, with templates to speed up development and bring vision applications online quicker.

More Product Information

Zebra Technologies

Zebra’s acquisition of Matrox® Imaging expands our industrial automation portfolio to support basic track-and-trace applications to complex inspection, recognition and guidance tasks. Streamline how you qualify, procure and deploy solutions with an interoperable portfolio for all your vision needs. 

Scale Up As Your Business Grows 

Zebra delivers the widest available ecosystem of machine vision products and fixed industrial scanners. Scale up and across portfolios with ease by adding on complimentary hardware or a software license. Our flexible machine vision portfolio grows with your business, so you can effortlessly leverage vision technology to boost yields, lower costs, and enhance regulatory compliance. 

Do More With a Smaller Footprint 

Modular machine vision and fixed scanning components let you right-fit your solution—and growth. Our intuitive software is easier to use and our systems require less hardware to implement. Adapting an existing automation system? Zebra’s portfolio interoperates widely with third-party components so you can drive down time to install, acquire and deploy your vision. 

Future-Proof Your Vision 

Zebra is an automation leader who understands how to protect your business, today and beyond. Our interoperable automation portfolio and product designs adhere to and adapt with industry standards to future-proof your investments.

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475 Half Day Rd, Lincolnshire, IL 60069, USA 

Phone: 514-822-6000 

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Matrox Imaging - AltiZ High-fidelity 3D profile sensors