Junkosha - MWX2 Series cables - Phase stability and added mechanical flexibility for precision measurements

Junkosha - MWX2 Series cables - Phase stability and added mechanical flexibility for precision measurements
MWX2 series features superior mechanical flexibility which facilitates excellent measurement operation. Consequently there is no need to add any extra stress to the Devices under Test.
MWX2 series is inherently soft in terms of flexiblity and is available in a variety of frequencies ranging from 12, 18, 26.5, 40, 50 and 67 GHz with the appropriate connectors.

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Junkosha - MWX0 Series cables - Enhanced Phase Stability for Precision Measurements
MWX0 series provides excellent phase stability against both bending and temperature fluctuations from -30 to +85°C. They are ideal for use with Vector Network Analyzers for precision measurement requirements.

Junkosha - MWX1 Series cables - Wide operational temperature range and High durability for precision measurements
  • MWX121 - Heat Resistant - offers a wide temperature range from -65 to +125°C.
  • MWX122 - High Durability - offers excellent cable durability against repeated bending.

Junkosha - MWX161 Phase Stability & Slim Cable - Up to 67 GHz
  • Cable assemblies with small diameter at neck part and the most suitable for multi-port VNA.
  • Torque Driver is available to mount on narrow pitch connector arrangement board.
  • Cable assemblies with excellent phase stability against bending and temperature.
  • Cable assemblies with excellent mechanical characteristics using SUS flexible tubing for protection.
  • Wide range of connectors: 3.5 mm, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm and 1.85 mm

Junkosha - MWX4,5 Series cables - Formable Series for Fixed Wiring
MWX4 and 5 series offer formability. This equates to ease of use - ideal for internal and external wiring applications, especially if these applications support high frequencies up to 67 GHz with lower insertion loss than semi-rigid cables. A broad range of connectors are available to meet your specific needs.

Junkosha - MWX3 Series cables - Standard Assemblies for Equipment Wiring
An extensive range of cables are available with a wide operating temperature range .
MWX3 series uses a porous PTFE dielectric material to ensure excellent phase stability against temperature fluctuations (continuous operational temperature range: -65 to 125°C (-30 to 85°C for MWX315)).

Junkosha - MWX6 Series cables - Highly Precise Skew Matching Assemblies
Skew between two cables is less than 1psec. Highly precise skew matching cable assemblies with less than 1psec skew between the pair for measurement of digital transmissions. This cable series has low insertion loss, appropriate for measuring high-precision differential transmission signals. Four types of cables are available with a variety of frequencies (26.5GHz, 40GHz, 50GHz and 67GHz).

California Instruments - Ls-Lx Series 3kVA - 18kVA Three Phase and Single Phase AC Power Source
Key Features Ls Series
  • Backward Compatible with L Series
    • Function and bus compatible with the California Instruments L Series
  • Three phase and Single phase modes
    • Ideally suited for avionics and defense applications
  • 3 KVA to 18 KVA Power Levels
    • Match power source and cost to application requirements
  • Transient Programming
    • Test products for susceptibility to AC line disturbances
  • Built-in Measurements
    • Performs voltage, current, and power measurements
  • Advanced Features
    • Arbitrary waveform generation, harmonic analysis, GPIB interface are some of the available options
  • Interface
    • Standard USB & RS232C interface.
    • Optional GPIB & LAN available
  • CE Marked (400V input model ONLY)
    • Safe, reliable, and consistent operation

Key Features Lx Series
  • Backward Compatible
    • Compatible with HP6834B & iL Series AC Sources Function & bus compatible with the Agilent HP6834B & California Instruments iL Series
  • Three phase and Single phase modes
    • Ideally suited for avionics and defense applications
  • 3 KVA to 18 KVA Power Levels
    • Match power source and cost to application requirements
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator
    • Test products for harmonics susceptibility
  • Built-in Power Analyzer
    • Performs voltage and load current harmonic analysis and waveform acquisition
  • Standard IEEE-488, USB & RS232
    • Remote control interface for ATE system integration include

Junkosha - MWX001 & MWX002 cables - Over 110GHz type
  • Junkosha offers two types of 110 GHz cables for measuring instruments.Junkosha offers two types of 110 GHz cable assemblies for measuring instruments.
  • Our MWX001 assembly features the lowest insertion loss among any cables for measuring applications requiring flexiblity. Our MWX002 assembliy boasts industry leading phase stability against bending.
  • In addition, our MWX002 enables measurement with frequencies up to 120GHz.
  • Customers can select the optimal assemblies according to their testing needs.

FormFactor - Cascade IMS-K-LFN - Integrated system with Keysight A-LFNA for 1/f flicker noise, RTN, phase noise, device characterization, and other low-frequency noise measurements
Comprehensive, Turn-key Integrated Measurement System (IMS) with Keysight A-LFNA for On-wafer R&D Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Measurements

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