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The APEX Turbine Data System (DS) is the next generation of data acquisition, control, setup, and online analysis. It reliably acquires time-synchronized data from a network of digitizers, regardless of sample rate or sensor type.
4-Channel, 204.8 Ksa/s per channel, 24-Bit DACs -115 dB spurious free dynamic range Integrated 2-Channel 64-bit tachometer
The EMX-4xxx product family contains high-performance breakout boxes (EMX-4008 and EMX-4016), smart high density dynamic signal analyzers (EMX-4250 and EMX-4251), smart PXIe 625 KSA/s 4-channel digizers (EMX-4350), and charge and IEPE PXIe 625 KSA/s 4-channel digitizers (EMX-4380)
High Current - 300 mA Sink High Density - 64 Channels / Card Isolation - 1000 V Multiple Digital Logic Levels - LV TTL - TTL - 60 V Max, User Defined
4 Independent Channels 1Ω Resistance Increments Precision Sensor Simulation Capability Low Thermal Offset Independent Sense Feedback
The EX1200-7416 is a 16 Channel Comparator/Event Detector with up to 96 differential channels per full rack mainframe
The EX1200-1538 is a Multifunction I/O Card with Enhanced Electronic Counter. It has 8 frequency counter channels, 16 isolated digital I/O channels, 2 isolated DAC channels in a single card.
The EX1200-7500 is a 64 -Channel, 2 MHz, Digital I/O with Eight ports of 8 I/O bits each
The EX1200-2165 and EX1200-2365 are Full Featured, Tightly Integrated 6.5 Digit DMM for 1U or 3U EX1200 Mainframes
Switching modules in SPST and SPDT configuration up to 80 channels and 5A of switching capability
The LXI mainframes family includes 2-slot, half-rack LXI switching and data acquisition mainframes (EX1202/EX1262), 16-slot, 3U LXI switching and data acquisition mainframes (EX1208A, pictured), and 6-slot, 1U LXI switching and data acquisition mainframes (EX1206A)