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Over the years, ACS has delivered test equipment and controls projects for commercial aircraft OEMs, tier suppliers, and defense contractors in the aerospace market. We are well-versed in the testing of systems, sub-systems and components used in aerospace development, research, production and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) applications.
ACS is committed to the evolution of the engine and vehicle industry. We are at the forefront of integrated test cell design and delivery, providing a range of solutions which customarily involve the integration of dynamometers, mechanical equipment, fluid systems, controls, and data acquisition. In addition to working with OEMs and Tier suppliers, we also serve independent automotive research labs, national labs, government labs and universities within various market segments.
Whether you’re seeking to improve an existing R&D or manufacturing process, add to that process capacity, or prepare for an entirely new product or process, our extensive machine and equipment control systems experience will assure that leading edge design, smooth integration and cost-effective process automation solutions are delivered.
ACS has 25+ years of multi-industry experience as a system integration services provider for complex processes in product R&D, testing, and production facilities. Over that time, we have developed and perfected a program for handling capital projects needing integrated test and process solutions that is built on subject matter expertise, skilled, disciplined project management, a proven process, and application knowledge.
ACS designs, engineers, builds, and integrates custom machines for testing, assembly, material handling inspection, packaging, and overall process automation. We combine our expertise and understanding of machine design, controls, and data acquisition with knowledge of process systems, automation, and facility design and integration for clients who require custom and innovative, high-performance solutions.
Power Subsystem for Transportable Military test stand Provides eight channels of programmable DC power with output isolation function Output disconnect function Total control via Ethernet within power supply.
When a catalog product cannot completely satisfy a requirement, AMETEK Programmable Power's Solutions Business provides custom power supply systems and integrations. The solutions range from OEM integration for medical and semiconductor industries to modular avionics ATE power subsystems to turnkey solar array simulators for satellites. We also can modify power supplies to meet your application requirements.
OEM 6 channel DC source Single Package 6-Pack of 600W power supplies
Provides 15,000A DC at 5V DC in current mode Single complete package Integrated bus bars Current mode Analog programming
Total power subsystem integration Total power subsystem integration Power sequencing
High Power AC and DC Power Source Programmable AC and DC power for frequency conversion and product test applications Expandable Power Levels