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Massively reduce time to market of new powertrain soft- and hardware components through Rapid Control Prototyping. Create education labs demonstrating next- generation developers the newest technology in a tangible way. Compact setup with flexible configuration possibilities to adapt own components quickly.
The weatherproof display is easy to read, even in direct sunlight, and keeps the driver up to date at all times. Due to the open CAN bus interface, other displays can also be integrated into our powertrain. If a vehicle does not require a fixed display, a smartphone equipped with our Emerge EV App can be used instead.
The Drive Unit consists of a permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) and our 48V MC6000 Motor Controller. The machine features a high torque/power density and can be operated in all four quadrants using the sophisticated control software. A permanent mechanical output power of 5 kW makes this drive system ideal for 48V applications in the e-mobility sector. The system is controlled either via gas pedal and brake or via CAN bus.
NEW: Grid-capability: To connect up to 50 battery-packs in parallel (e.g. for storage applications) Precise state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH) calculation Pre-Charge function Current and voltage limits via CAN- bus
LED display for device status Passive cooling Removable carrying handle Short circuit proof
Machine type: permanently excited synchronous motors (PMSM). Control type: Field-oriented control incl. field weakening Position sensor: Hall sensor
Firmware update Read error memory Setting of a limited number of parameters per control unit Access to all parameters of an ECU
Write your own code in ANSI C, as part of the FRIWO firmware. Focus on developing your own applications and USPs: Develop your own hill assist (application: eScooter) Turn your motor control into a fan or pump control