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Unlike other testers, the ALT-8000 tests from the antenna to the indicator in the cockpit, allowing the operator to replicate in-flight conditions and isolate a bad component of the installed system.
The graphical user interface provides various screens for control of the test set and display of parametric measurements including: TX power, TX frequency (center), sweep rate, FM deviation, TX pulse width, and PRF (pulse systems) Tests FMCW radio altimeters including CDF types Fast detector for tracking LPI radio altimeters with TX power management
VIAVI supports many rotary and fixed-wing aircraft platforms with an extensive library of aircraft specific interface cables and units. Combined with a VIAVI Fuel Quantity Test Set, the  test solution provides complete functional testing and troubleshooting of the fuel quantity system. If you are unable to find your aircraft listed here, we also offer design services for the development of new interfaces and aircraft test procedures. Available through your GSA Supplier
We offer Software Revision Service (SRS) for its two legacy Avionics ATE Systems: IRIS 2000 ATE and the IRS 1200 ATE. SRS is a maintenance program designed to keep your Test Program Set (TPS) software up to date with the latest OEM test specifications.
Solid-state circuits and LCD backlit display for low power consumption and high reliability
Compatible with AD 98-20-40 & AD 99-03-04 compliant aircraft (Mod 6 and above)
Easy to operate/calibrate Annual calibration Lightweight / portable
VIAVI designed RF test system, fully integrated into the ATEC® Test System Simple Ethernet interface between RFEM and ATEC® Test System permits easy retrofit to existing ATE installations Powerful test executive interface offers many advantages to the test operator
Software-driven design allows for field updates for adding new features, capability or modifications due to industry changes