Advanced Illumination - AL150 Series BALA (Broad Area Linear Array) Bar Lights

Advanced Illumination - AL150 Series BALA (Broad Area Linear Array) Bar LightsAdvanced Illumination - AL150 Series BALA (Broad Area Linear Array) Bar Lights
  • Designed for machine vision applications that require broad illumination over a wide area with controlled fall off.
  • This BALA (Broad Area Linear Array) bar light series is expandable in 1″ increments up to 82″.
  • Applications requiring an even wider area of illumination can utilize two BALA bar lights aligned in parallel, facing each other.
  • AL150 derivatives include AL4424 (4″), AL4554 (9″) and AL46120 (20″) (which represent legacy part numbers)


Providing a broad area of illumination with controlled fall off for machine vision applications.

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Advanced Illumination - DL067 Series Wide Linear Diffuse Lights
  • The Wide Linear Diffuse Light series is ideal for the inspection of elongated or cylindrical objects.
  • Perfect for inspections requiring a multi-camera setup.
  • Can be provided with up to 4 viewing ports.
  • Expandable lengths from 6” – 36” (152 – 194mm) in 6” increments.

Advanced Illumination - DL151 Series Narrow Linear Diffuse Lights
  • The Narrow Linear Diffuse Light series is ideal for precision scanning of highly reflective materials.
  • The DL151 is available in a wide range of wavelengths and provides up to 28kLux at a 1” (25mm) standoff.
  • The extruded aluminum enclosure can be expanded in 2″ (51mm) increments from 2″ to 70″ (1778mm).

Advanced Illumination - BL128 Series Compact Linear Backlights
  • The BL128 Series of Compact Backlights provide edge to edge illumination in a 12mm thick housing.
  • The BL128 length is expandable in 1” (25mm) increments up to 14.4″ (366.8mm).
  • Optional washdown version is IP65 compliant.

Advanced Illumination - DL110 Series Linear Coaxial Light
  • The Linear Coaxial Light provides a type of diffuse illumination; diffuse light from an internal source is folded downwards along the camera’s imaging axis and onto the imaging plane.
  • High speed machine vision line scan applications receive greater image contrast with a Linear Coaxial Light.
  • The DL110 includes a high efficiency, coated, easy to clean dust cover to protect the beamsplitter.

Advanced Illumination - AL247 Series UltraSeal Bar Lights
  • UltraSeal Bar Lights are ideal for hygienic inspection environments, aseptic manufacturing, and food and beverage applications. They are IP69K certified to withstand the harshest environments.
  • High-intensity Bar Lights feature the UltraSeal standard proprietary nickel finish, providing superior corrosion resistance and improved thermal conductivity in comparison to stainless steel.

Advanced Illumination - AL295 Series MicroBrite™ Bar Lights
  • Part of the MicroBrite™ family of high performance, compact machine vision lights.
  • This bar light outperforms the competition with high intensity output of 73 kLux at a working distance of 100mm.
  • Available in a broad range of wavelengths with expandable sizes in 3” (75mm) increments up to 18” (450mm).

Advanced Illumination - BL313 Series Medium Intensity Linear Backlight
  • Pre-Engineered Scalability Enables Customized Emitting Lengths in 2″ Increments to 20″
  • Intense, Diffuse Lighting with 226 kLux at Emitting Surface
  • Multiple Available Wavelengths, Including Visible Monochromatics, Infrared, and White
  • Available Washdown Option for Difficult Environments
  • Can be Applied in Backlighting or Diffuse Front Lighting Geometries

Advanced Illumination - BL138 Series High Intensity Linear Backlights
  • Our High Intensity Linear Backlights offer 510 kLux output, perfect for back-lit, line-scanning applications.
  • Available in pre-engineered sizes from 6” (152mm) to 96” (2438mm) in 6″ increments.
  • A 3″ (75mm) length option is also available. Available intensity control provides illuminance adjustability for every 6″ increment via a 0 – 10v input

Advanced Illumination - BL193 Series Standard Intensity Linear Backlights
  • Our Standard Intensity Linear Backlights provide rugged construction for demanding environments.
  • Standard intensity illumination with low power input requirements.
  • Multiple wavelengths available with very consistent illumination over the entire active area.
  • Available in 1” (25mm) increments with lengths up to 80.5” (2044mm).

Advanced Illumination

Advanced Illumination® (Ai) is a leading developer and manufacturer of LED lighting and control technology for machine vision illumination. Founded in 1993, Advanced Illumination was the first company to bring LED lighting to market and has since become one of the most trusted names in the machine vision industry. Ai offers a number of highly customizable backlights, bar lights, coaxial lights, diffuse lights, line lights, bright field ring lights, dark field ring lights and spot lights. Whether you’re an OEM or an end user, Advanced Illumination has a knowledgeable team of engineers and manufacturing professionals ready to provide you with a solution tailored to your lighting needs.

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