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Superior phase stability against bending and temperature fluctuations makes this cable assembly perfect as a vector network analyzer connector for measurement.  Continuous operation temperature range: -30 to +85°C.  7 cables with different maximum usage frequencies (26.5 GHz, 50 GHz, 67 GHz, 70 GHz, 110 GHz, 120 GHz and 145 GHz) are available.
MWX121 - Heat Resistant - offers a wide temperature range from -65 to +125°C. MWX122 - High Durability - offers excellent cable durability against repeated bending.
Our 2 Series cable assembly showcases excellent phase stability against bending, developed with microwave/mmWave measurement environments in mind.  Its flexibility means low repulsion, reducing the load on the measured object
An extensive range of cables are available with a wide operating temperature range . MWX3 series uses a porous PTFE dielectric material to ensure excellent phase stability against temperature fluctuations (continuous operational temperature range: -65 to 125°C (-30 to 85°C for MWX315)).
Coaxial cable assembly suitable for fixed wiring inside and between equipment used in the microwave band up to 100GHz (continuous operating temperature range: -30 to +85°C).  These cables have excellent formability (shape-retention capability) that make wiring work easy and exhibit superior loss characteristics compared to semi-rigid cables. Standard connectors are SMA (m) straight connectors, although other connectors can be used as required.
A highly precise skew matching cable assembly with skew of 1psec or less between 2 cables, designed for digital transmission evaluation. Continuous operating temperature range: -30 to +85°C.  Exhibits low cable insertion loss and is suitable for high-precision differential signal transmission evaluation and measurement applications. 4 types of cables with different maximum usage frequencies (26.5GHz, 40GHz, 50GHz, and 67GHz) are available.
7 series Assemblies offer phase stability in multi purpose applications delivering reliable electrical performance, especially in phase & amplitude stability against temperature, to support repeatable measurement results.
Junkosha’s new mmWave VNA Test Cable Assembly exhibits excellent phase (within +/- 4.5˚ at 50 GHz), and amplitude (within +/- 0.08 dB at 50 GHz) stability in flexure alongside strong phase stability in temperature through its 50 GHz bandwidth, available with NMD connector.  The assembly also displays impressive performance durability, surpassing 40,000 tick tock cycles during testing. The cable is bent 180˚ on a 2.25” radius mandrel with ease, demonstrating superior flexibility and no spring back. A ruggedized port side NMD connector is also available to ensure reliable connections to the VNA.