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Only BSDL files required to get the board up and running  Set up pin states – e.g. low, high, toggling  Trace shorts, opens and other signals  Easy low-level access to device pins/busses  Clear display of the pins/balls with variable zoom levels and split screen  View JTAG chain data as waveforms  Quickly find and monitor changing pins  Program devices with SVF and STAPL files  Real-time interaction  XJIntegration (use XJAnalyser functionality from other software)
Improves your QA through configurable logging  Allows you to retain power of control on how boards are tested by third parties  User-friendly environment reduces your training costs for production operatives  Ability to test multiple boards, simultaneously, by using multiple XJLinks
Reduce your time spent debugging boards due to high precision fault isolation  Improve your time to market and reduce project risk by early design verification  Reduce your test development time by reusing tests from prototype/design in manufacturing and field support  Ongoing time savings by test reuse across projects
Repair-focused environment for XJDeveloper / XJRunner tests.  Full Connection test.  RAM, Flash and other non-JTAG device tests.  Flash, FPGA, CPLD and EEPROM programming.  Layout Viewer* to show the physical location of faulty nets, pins and components.  Schematic Viewer* to show the circuit design around faults.  Direct control of the pins/balls of JTAG devices.  View pin states graphically in real time or capture them in the Waveform Viewer.  Trace signals to identify shorts, opens and other faults.
Reduce flash programming times  SPI, QSPI, parallel NOR flash devices supported  Support for NAND flash devices available on request  Shortened development cycles  No need for additional equipment  Can be used for fast firmware upgrade  No FPGA development required
Fast flash programming  Increases UUT test coverage with additional interface connectivity  Easy integration with XJTAG test systems
Small, lightweight, portable design: ideal for lab and field work  Self-contained licence so you can use the XJTAG system on multiple PCs  Re-configurable unit for multiple UUTs saving costs
Improve reliability of your boards by increasing analogue and digital test coverage  Reduce your debug time by enhanced fault isolation  XJTAG can reduce the cost and complexity of your custom test jigs  Reach your devices on non-JTAG boards with ‘Black box’ testing
Network Time Server Dual Redundant Version Available Complete Remote Network Control using Standard Web Browser SAASM/M-Code GPS Receiver
SOSA Aligned 3U VPX Form Factor Low SWAP applications Ruggedization Level 200
Modular Assemble your own system. Plug-in RF modules and COTS-based CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs. Selection of JTNC SCA devices (Ethernet, GPS, audio, etc.)
Modular design with multiple reference paths built in for high-availability. 6 expansion slots for customization and expansion. Industry-first GPS integrity checking with Timewall™