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High Port Count Rapid Switching Time at 30 ms Low Insertion Loss (< 1.5 dB) Low Wavelength Dependent Loss (< 0.3 dB)
Verify quality of optical fiber cable assemblies, connectors and short-run networks Troubleshoot and distinguish between macro-bends, splices, connectors and breaks Locate insertion loss points – save hours of troubleshooting time
Ultra-high resolution (10 μm sampling) reflectometer with “zero dead zone”. Measure RL, IL, distributed loss, length, polarization states, phase derivative and group delay 80 dB dynamic range 
Industry-leading combination of measurement speed, range, accuracy and resolution 12 Hz acquisition rate 8.5 meter measurement range 0.0034% time-of-flight delay accuracy
Multi-channel (or single-channel) measurements of strain-multiplex: Over 300,000 measurement locations Flexible, lightweight and easy to install sensors reduce time to first measurement Passive, corrosion resistant, dielectric, flexible sensors go where other sensors can’t – in bends, around corners, embedded inside materials
The OVA simultaneously performs these optical component characterizations every 3 seconds: Insertion Loss (IL) Return Loss (RL) Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL)
Full C-band tunability Integrated wavemeter with sub-picometer accuracy Smooth, linear scans Narrow linewidth, low noise
Full C-band tunability Smooth, linear scans Narrow linewidth, low noise Wavelength calibration in seconds