Abaco DSP280 Dual Socket 2nd Generation Intel Quad Core i7 Multiprocessor

  • Dual Intel Core i7 Quad Core Processors
    • Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX)
    • Intel Hyper-Threading Technology
    • Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 3D & OpenGL
    • Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 at up to 3GHz
    • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • Two CPU sub-systems each with:
    • 6MBytes shared L3 Cache
    • 8 or 16GBytes DDR3 SDRAM per CPU
    • Dual Port RDMA NIC-10 & DDR Infiniband
  • QM67 I/O Hub
    • 4MB SPI FLASH plus recovery BANC FLASH
    • 512kB MRAM NV memory for mission data
    • 8 or 16 GBytes NAND Flash Disk
    • HDMI/DVI Display port
    • 2x USB 2.0 ports
    • SATA 3.0 interface 2x RS232/422/485 serial ports
    • 8x GPIO
    • PS2 Keyboard & mouse
  • 6U OpenVPX VITA 65 Payload profile with:
    • Data Plane: 10GE/Infiniband RDMA NICs 
    • Expansion Plane: Gen 2 PCIe Switch with DMA
    • Control Plane 2x Gbe ports per node


Abaco DSP281 Dual Intel 4th Gen Quad Core i7 6U OpenVPX Deployed Server Platform

  • Two Intel Core i7-4700EQ CPUs
    • Four cores, eight threads per CPU
    • Two channels ECC 1600-DDR3L
    • 16GBytes DDR3L 
    • AVX2.0 Advanced Vector Extensions
    • HD-4600 on-chip graphics
  • Two platform controller hubs
    • 16 MBytes BIOS Flash per PCH
    • 16 GBytes SATA NAND Flash
    • 256 KBytes NRAM
  • Platform security
    • Configurable security hub FPGA
    • Intel Trusted Execution
    • Intel vPRO/AMT technology
    • Intel AES new instructions
  • Firmware support
    • Built-in Test
  • Operating system support
    • Linux SDK
    • Windows SDK
    • WRS VxWorks BSP
    • WRS Hypervisor
  • Middlewares and libraries
    • AXISPro application dev. framework
    • AXISLib VSIPL and RSPL multi-threaded DSP and math libraries for VxWorks, Linux and Windows
    • GE signal-and image-processing quick start examples
    • Intel OpenCL SDKs, IPP and MKL


Abaco EPMC-1553-8 Interface - 8 Channel MIL-STD-1553 High Density PMC Module

  • 8 Independent MIL-STD-1553 Notice II Dual Redundant Channels
  • All configurations are multi-function with simultaneous Bus Controller, Remote Terminal(s) and Bus Monitor
  • Configuration options - either single RT or 31 RT
  • CORE-API provided in source code with support for Windows and VxWorks
  • Front panel or rear (P14) I/O options
  • Optional IRIG-B receiver/generator
  • 45-bit, microsecond time-tagging
  • Complete message programmability
  • Hardwired RT addressing
  • Utilizes GE Intelligent Platforms RT Validated CORE-1553 protocol engine
  • Flexible message status/interrupt generation
  • I/O triggering
  • Transition cabling to 1553 cable jacks included with front panel versions
  • Commercial, ruggedized extended temperature or conductively cooled configurations available


Abaco EXP237 XMC Expansion Card for VME Systems

  • Provides three additional XMC/PMC expansion sites via PCI Express (PCIe) to the Host Processor through on-board connector
  • VITA 42.3 compliant
  • Expansion sites configured as:
    • Three 3.3V/5.0V PMC sites
    • Three XMC sites


Abaco FC-GSK (FlightCORE-1553) Protocol IP

  • CORE-API provided in source code with support for Windows and VxWorks
  • High Performance without the royalties
  • Rugged and Multi-functinal
  • Independently certified to the RT Validation Test Plan (MIL-HDBK-1553 Appendix A)


Abaco FC-SMF (FlightCORE-1553) Protocol IP

  • Easy FPGA Integration
  • RT validated
  • CORE-API provided in source code with support for Windows and VxWorks


Abaco FC6301 FPGA Card - 3U CompactPCI with Virtex-6 FPGA

  • Virtex-6 LX240T, LX365T, LX550T, SX315T, SX315T, SX475T
  • High density Memory Options using BLAST sites: DDR2 and DDR3 SDRAM, QDR2 SRAM, NAND FLASH
  • Onboard user defined 128Mbit Flash ROM
  • PCI 32-bit, 33/66MHz
  • Front Panel FMC Mezzanine Cards
  • UART over USB
  • Gigabit Ethernet x2 (optional)


Abaco Fixed Point FFT/IFFT IP Core

Abaco Systems' fixed point FFT cores are the most efficient and fastest available in the FPGA world. With a revolutionary architecture for efficient memory usage and balanced use of arithmetic and logic resources, we offer complete FFT solutions with any input resolution up to 2Gsps. Whether you require a forward FFT, Inverse FFT, a 2D FFT, correlation or any algorithm efficiently performed with a Fourier transform, our technology will offer you the best solution for a cost-effective implementation.


Abaco FlexVPX Backplane - Configurable 3U VPX backplanes

FlexVPX provides system designers with the flexibility and performance required for the most demanding applications. The ability to interconnect 2 and 3-slot 3U VPX compliant backplanes allows for custom system configurations using COTS hardware. Backplanes are equipped with PCI Express bridges that ensure fast and high-throughput for point-to-point communication between different elements in the system. FlexVPX relies on OpenVPX (VITA 65) which enables the interoperability of products from different vendors. With the option to build multi-slot solutions, users have the opportunity to design a range of systems that feature a small footprint, a high level of ruggedization, and unmatched performance.


Abaco Floating Point FFT - IEEE-754 Floating Point FFT/IFFT IP Core

Abaco Systems' Floating Point FFT core is the most flexible IEEE-754 compliant FFT core available in the FPGA world. Designed for high performance programmable devices from Xilinx and Altera, this core performs Fast Fourier Transforms ranging from 256 points to 64M points and is ideal for high precision spectral analysis, radar and video processing applications. Download our bit-true model for 1D and 2D FFT.