Yokogawa AQ6370 Viewer

The AQ6370 Viewer is a package of PC application software for PC-based analysis and measurement with the AQ6370 series Optical Spectrum Analyzer.
Applicable for AQ6370, AQ6370B/C/D, AQ6373, AQ6373B and AQ6375.
The AQ6370 Viewer is a package of PC application software for the AQ6370 series Optical Spectrum Analyzer.
  • The same user interface and functions as the mainframe
  • Display and analyze waveform data acquired by the mainframe
  • Remote control and file transfer capability
  • Display of saved waveform data
  • Data analysis
  • Real-time remote control
  • File transfer
  • Management of large-volumes of measurement data
  • Data analysis from remote locations
  • Preperation of test reports
  • Measurement from remote locations



Yokogawa AQ7932 OTDR Emulation Software

AQ7932 is application software that performs analysis of trace data from the OTDR on a PC, and conveniently creates professional reports. The built-in report creation wizard function makes this task simple, quick and easy.
Display up to eight traces on screen, and perform a variety of analyses including multi-trace analysis and differential trace analysis for comparing recent waveforms with old ones, and use the 2 way trace analysis function for analyzing average values of data measured from both directions in the optical fiber


Yokogawa GA10 Data Logging Software

GA10 is the new easy to use data logging software that collects data from Yokogawa recorder, data acquisition and controller products. It also acquires data from devices that support Modbus communications.
  • Connectivity with many devices Broad support for recorders, data loggers, temperature controllers, signal conditioners, power monitors, and power meters. Even acquires data from Modbus devices.
  • Simple settings Simply select a device to connect to and start monitoring (Simple setting mode)
  • High reliability
    • Auto reconnection when communications are lost, protection of data files up to the moment of power failure
    • Data supplementing function (Backfill function)
    • Server OS support
  • Easy-to-read screen
    • Wide variety of display screens
    • Real time monitoring
  • Variety of functions
    • Alarm monitoring
    • Send via e-mail
    • Advanced viewer
    • Standard support for multilogging
    • 2 time modes
    • User privilege settings
    • Add monitoring PCs (client)
Celebrating the sales release of GA10 Data Logging Software, we will have a limited time offer of the GA10 at a special price for existing DAQWORX customers. Please contact your local sales representatives for more details.


Yokogawa Harmonic Analysis Software for WT3000/WT3000E (761922)

The measurement procedures and settings for harmonic/flicker standards testing have been precisely defined. Engineers must also stay current with the specialized knowledge and up-to-date information required to periodically review the contents of the standards and perform the standards conformance tests. The model 761922 Harmonic/Flicker Measurement Software enables engineers without specialized knowledge to perform a range of operations using the WT3000/WT3000E Precision Power Analyzer including judging standards compliance and outputting test reports. 

What's New

August 3, 2015
  • Updated software version to 6.42


Yokogawa MATLAB tool kit for DL Series (701991)

This MATLAB tool kit enables DL and SL series instruments to easily interface with MATLAB. The software can be used to transfer data from DL and SL series instruments to MATLAB via GP-IB, USB or Ethernet.
What's NEW!

MATLAB tool kit (Model: 701991) ver. 2.20 released.


Yokogawa Power Consumption Measuring Software (Free)

Now at Yokogawa we have a comprehensive solution with our new standby power consumption measurement software.
Meets the Requirements of IEC62301 Ed2.0(2011) Household electrical appliances - Measurement of standby power and EN 50564:2011 Electrical and electronic household and office equipment – Measurement of low power consumption.


Yokogawa PowerViewerPlus (760881)

The PX8000 Precision Power Scope was released as high frequency and transient power measurement of electric energy saving equipment. In order to support that measurement and evaluation, we released dedicated software 760881 PowerViewrPlus. This software enables measured waveform and numeric data transfer to a personal computer (PC) and realizes smooth calculation and analysis.


Yokogawa Wirepuller Controlling DL Series

When the software program starts, the front panel image of the connected DL or WT (control panel) appears on the monitor of your PC. You can control the DL or WT from your PC with the mouse to simulate operations using the front panel keys of the instrument.
Wirepuller is a windows based Yokogawa software program that enables you to control DL Series Oscilloscopes1 or WT1600 Digital Power Meter2 from your PC via Ethernet, USB or GPIB interface. On executing the program, the front panel image of the instruments (DL Series Oscilloscopes¹ or WT1600 Digital Power Meter) connected appears on the monitor of your PC. The control panel resembles the front panel of the actual hardware connected. You can now use a mouse to perform the same operations that you would, as if you were physically present infront of the instrument. This facilitates controlling instruments accross a networked environment (if using Ethernet)
1Excluding DL9000 series and SB series. Please use Xwirepuller for these instruments.

2WT1600 does not support USB interface.


Yokogawa WTViewer Application Software (760122)

  • WTViewer acquires numeric, waveform, and harmonic data from the WT3000/WT1800/WT500/WT1600/WT210/WT230* Digital Power Analyzer via Ethernet, GP-IB or serial communications (RS-232) and USB.
  • Data can be transferred into your personal computer via those communication interfaces.
  • Lets you view waveforms on your computer, convert numeric or waveform data to a specified format, and store the data.
*Digital Power Analyzers WT1600/WT210/WT230 are discontinued products.


Yokogawa WTViewerEfree For WT3000E/WT3000/WT1800

The WTViewerEfree is a free software for WT3000E/WT3000/WT1800, Precision Power Analyzer. In order to use the instruments easily & quickly, and to gather measured data into a PC smoothly, easy operation and a tool is required. This software will supply an powerful and useful measurement environment for users.