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ELMA 19" Enclosure Type 38

19" enclosure, can be used as desktop or stand-alone cabinet.

  • With or without handles
  • Rear panel with ventilation slots (optional)

ELMA 19" Front Panels

Solid and perforated front panels with an overall length of 19" in different surface treatments and heights up to 12U.

  • Material: Aluminium 3mm
  • Other materials or dimensions available on request

ELMA Adaptation Kits


  • Subdivisions
  • EMC Front Card Mounting
  • Horizontal Card Mounting Kit for Double or Triple Eurocards
  • EMC Horizontal Card Mounting Kits

ELMA AMC Handles & Panels

Handles and panels to MicroTCA/AMC specifications. Includes handles, panels, LED lightpipes, holders, etc.

  • Compliant to latest AMC/MicroTCA specifications
  • Ergonomic design, grooves for easy handling
  • Die cast construction for robust performance
  • Positive detent at three distinct positions
  • Fits all current microswitch locations
  • Custom designs and colors available
  • Other AMC Components

ELMA Assembly Material / Assembly Hardware


  • Miscellaneous Screws
  • Nuts and Lock Nuts
  • Washers
  • Tapped Strips
  • Front Panel Screws see Card Accessories

ELMA ATCA Ergonomic Handles

The injector and ejector handle stands out with its ergonomic design. It guarantees the proper release and locking of the plug-in unit, confirming this with a clearly audible and positive click.

  • Designed to handle higher insertion forces with increased leverage
  • Specially-molded internal core makes handle highly rugged
  • Pre-assembled, saving assembly time
  • Slide-motion button prevents accidental trippage
  • Two-step latching process

ELMA Cassettes & Modules


  • For Several Eurocards
  • For One Eurocard and Bulky Components
  • Designed to accept single or double eurocards
  • Depths 160 mm (6.29") or 220 mm (8.66")
  • Aligned for connectors conforming to IEC 60603-2
  • External dimensions meet the requirements for attachment to sub racks as specified in IEC 60297
  • Plug-in units
  • Circuit card firmly attached to the side extrusions


ELMA Drive Modules (Including EMC Modules)


  • 3 1/2" Drive Modules
  • 3 1/2" Drive Modules EMC
  • 5 1/4" Drive Modules
  • 5 1/4" Drive Modules EMC

ELMA EMC / HF Gaskets


  • EMC Gaskets
  • EMC Contact Springs
  • EMC Contact Strips

ELMA EMC Slimkit 10

The slim 19-inch EMC chassis with an overall height of 1U: Powerful, slim and efficient!

  • 19“ EMC chassis 1 U
  • Basic model can be transformed into a complete case by adding a rear panel, top cover as well as a mounting chassis
  • Design allows numerous combinations to be assembled according to the application
  • Hard and wear resistant aluminium front panel
  • With or without perforations for optimised thermal solution
  • EMC-Slimkit 10 can be presented in a number of attractive finishes for individual product tailoring

ELMA Extrusions


  • Front Extrusions
  • Internal Extrusions
  • Center Extrusions
  • Supplementary Edge Connector Extrusions
  • Height Extrusions
  • Height divider extrusions
  • Depth Extrusions
  • Different Extrusions
  • Front Panel Extrusions

ELMA Fan Front Panels

A variety of different fan front panels.

  • Fan Front Panel 84 HP for Vertical Ventilation
  • Fan Front Panel for Horizontal Ventilation
  • Fan Front Panels for Direct Fan Mounting

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